Not another counter offer!

With the shortage of experienced Legal Secretaries and Paralegals higher than ever, so have we seen an increase in Counter Offers. Law firms are all vying for top talent and holding onto their best employees with both hands.
Offering employees who want to leave more money isn’t always the answer to the problem though, which is being proved to us time and time again. How much longer are you going to keep a staff member that hasn’t actively approached their manager to fix their issues?
  • More money - wouldn’t they have asked for a pay rise? And are they more valuable just because they now want to leave?
  • The role - wouldn’t they have discussed their responsibilities and how they would like to be challenged?
  • The commute - wouldn’t they have negotiated their hours or working from home?
We have seen candidates accept counter offers for a variety of reasons but more often than not, they are back on the market within 6 months looking to move on again. This is because there are usually many factors in why they wanted to leave in the first place that may be out of both the employee’s and manager’s control, otherwise they would have tried to resolve it before even starting the interview process.
We all want our best staff to stay, to avoid disruption to work and to avoid starting the recruitment process again, but perhaps this is just delaying the inevitable?
Next time one of your employees resigns, weigh up whether it will be more valuable to let them go and bring in someone fresh, who is passionate about your firm and who wants to be there!
Heather Lawson
Director - Wells Tobias Legal

Clean shoes, clean shirt, don't flirt!

Even after 26 years, I'm still surprised by the things that people think are appropriate to do when they are going to a job interview. It's been one of those weeks...
Monday 3rd July, 11.30am - Call from HRBP with interview feedback for a Commercial Lawyer position...
Heather, things were going very well until mid-way through the interview when the candidate (a male, being interviewed two females), deemed it appropriate to start flirting with us both! He may have thought he was ‘rapport building’, however his line in conversation, his winking and body language made us both feel extremely uncomfortable. We won’t be taking this any further...”
Wednesday 5th July, midday - Interview preparation with a Paralegal...
Just had a very uncomfortable conversation with a paralegal going on an interview for his ‘dream’ job to explain that his ‘white shirt’ looked like it hadn’t been washed for the best part of a month. It was closer to grey and that the stain on his tie didn’t really ‘sell’ him in the best light either. 
Thursday 6th July, 10.30am - Interview preparation with a Contract Lawyer
“I am going to leave the meeting room now, however I'll leave the Wells Tobias resident shoe shine block on the table. I think it might be best to use it before you head off for your interview...” 
Candidates ask me on a weekly basis what they need to do to land their dream job. Alongside doing the in-depth research on the firm or company they are going to see, along with being prepared to answer questions about their experience and competencies, it is often the simple things that are missed, things that to a client make a massive difference! The shirt doesn’t need to be Versace, it just needs to be clean and ironed. The shoes don’t need to be Louboutins, they just need to be clean and polished and if you are thinking of flirting… just don’t!  Remember this phrase ... clean shoes, clean shirt, don’t flirt!
Heather Lawson
Legal Director, Wells Tobias

Raising money for Medical Service Dogs... Thankyou!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported Wells Tobias’ cake sale yesterday... Raising money to help support our friend Jonathan Sheldon who desperately needs a medical assistance dog to help save his life.

We were overwhelmed with the support from all our neighbours who helped us raise a whopping £630.87! We trust you enjoyed the baked treats! You can find out more about Jonathan at his GoFundMe page:

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