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On the evening of Wednesday 8th November, Wells Tobias are hosting a Pub Quiz with the hope of raising funds for the London Legal Support Trust - they are the people behind the London Legal Walk if you have ever taken part... 
We are hoping to raise much-needed funds, by organising a fun evening, where there will hopefully be a mix of lawyers, barristers, law students and paralegals all pitching their wits against each other, and it will be a great opportunity to network.
The quiz is being held at the Old Nick Pub, next door to our office on Bedford Row WC1, and will start at 7.30pm - there will be teams of 4 at £10 per table with all funds going to the charity. There will be a raffle on the night too! 
If you are interested in taking part then please get in touch with Heather Lawson at Wells Tobias to reserve your table, and help us make this night a great success! / 020 3008 4338     

Wednesday 8th November 2017
After work drinks, quiz starts at 7.30pm sharp!
The Old Nick, 20-22 Sandland St, London WC1R 4PZ

We welcome our new Non-Executive Director, Melanie Forbes to the Wells Tobias family

Joe Wells and Adam Tobias, along with the whole Wells Tobias team, are absolutely thrilled to announce that Melanie Forbes has joined us as a Non-Executive Director & Advisor. Melanie, former CEO of Guidant Group, brings a wealth of recruitment experience to our business, as well as infectious enthusiasm, wisdom and a genuine passion for people and service. Welcome to the WT Family, Mel!

Not another counter offer!


With the shortage of experienced Legal Secretaries and Paralegals higher than ever, so have we seen an increase in Counter Offers. Law firms are all vying for top talent and holding onto their best employees with both hands.
Offering employees who want to leave more money isn’t always the answer to the problem though, which is being proved to us time and time again. How much longer are you going to keep a staff member that hasn’t actively approached their manager to fix their issues?
  • More money - wouldn’t they have asked for a pay rise? And are they more valuable just because they now want to leave?
  • The role - wouldn’t they have discussed their responsibilities and how they would like to be challenged?
  • The commute - wouldn’t they have negotiated their hours or working from home?
We have seen candidates accept counter offers for a variety of reasons but more often than not, they are back on the market within 6 months looking to move on again. This is because there are usually many factors in why they wanted to leave in the first place that may be out of both the employee’s and manager’s control, otherwise they would have tried to resolve it before even starting the interview process.
We all want our best staff to stay, to avoid disruption to work and to avoid starting the recruitment process again, but perhaps this is just delaying the inevitable?
Next time one of your employees resigns, weigh up whether it will be more valuable to let them go and bring in someone fresh, who is passionate about your firm and who wants to be there!
Heather Lawson
Director - Wells Tobias Legal

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