Our workplace should reflect society

Our workplace should reflect society

20 Aug 14:00 by JONNY MILLER


Lending our words to Evenbreak's new Inclusion at Work film...

Our friends at Evenbreak, who forge connections between inclusive employers and disabled candidates, have launched a fantastic new disability at work awareness campaign online and across social media and under the hashtag #IAM.

The 'Inclusion at Work'  video aims to smash the myths and break down the stereotypes surrounding disabled people in the workplace. 

Having partnered with Evenbreak and shared the stage with them at numerous disability events in London over the last few years, our Director, Adam Tobias was asked to contribute words and feature in the video as the co-founder of Wells Tobias, working with a a diverse talent pool and inclusive employers at the very heart of what we do...

This is something that we feel very passionately about and wish Evenbreak all the best with their campaign.