Legal professionals thriving, not just surviving...

Legal professionals thriving, not just surviving...

15 Oct 10:00 by Heather Lawson


Following on from World Mental Health Day a few weeks back and with this week's focus on Stress Awareness very much in mind, the team at Wells Tobias came up with a couple of quickfire tips that can help professionals simply manage stress in the workplace...

Before work, make sure you sleep

  • Manage light, noise and temperature at home carefully, city living throws up its challenges but distractions can be fixed.
  • Keep a sleep diary, get to know your sleep patterns, when you see them on paper, they feel more real and are easier to follow.
  • Exercise earlier in the day, rather than later - this makes a big difference, your body needs to have space and time to wind down before sleep!

There's a lot of help out there...

  • If you're working in the legal arena, Claiming Space is a social enterprise that has grown from peer support groups to offering innovative training for lawyers working with vulnerable populations, based on experience, academic study and research. They create safe, non-judgmental spaces for legal practitioners to learn, share and reflect on their practice.

Be kind to yourself...

  • Develop a personalised, preventative self-care plan and implement it consistently. 
  • Prepare a clear course of action that you would be prepared to take if you did become concerned about VT / PTSD. 
  • Know who you would reach out in the firm, whether it’d be a colleague or a wellbeing specialist 
  • Lean on your support system! And if you don’t have one, contact specialists such as Samaritans and Law Care.

Embracing technology 

Simply improving your time management will help you and your employer! Use planning apps for your time, there are a lot out there, we think these ones are great...

  • Focus Booster - For working with multiple clients)
  • Engross - Figuring out when you’re at your most focused
  • Fastcase - For faster results when you're researching
  • Trial Pad - Paperless trial presentations
  • CamScanner - Handy app that converts handwritten notes into PDF images
Look ahead positivly... 

Try to set aspirational, but realistic goals at the end of each week, for the following week. You'll go into the new week feeling in control.

Stop saying yes, start saying no...

 You cannot do everything, define your personal boundaries and identify your priorities, never compromise on integrity and remember that you'll never be able to please everyone (and that's ok!)​

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