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Inventum Search, part of the Wells Tobias Group is an executive search firm with a laser-sharp focus on diversity and inclusion

What is our aim? To increase diversity at the executive, c-suite and board level

How do we do it?  Incredible networks, decades of experience, cutting-edge technology and a highly scientific methodology

Why are we doing it? Diverse and inclusive companies are socially innovative AND highly commercial

My partners and I have all been in executive-level recruitment and search for a long time. And for most of those years, conversations about diversity and inclusion, especially at executive and board level, were rare. It wasn’t on the agenda and there were too few diverse candidates with the right experience applying for senior roles

Diversity has always been important to all of us at Inventum. As the products of a combination of diverse backgrounds ourselves (although frankly, our own stories are unimportant in the bigger picture) we decided that change wasn’t just going to happen on its own, so we decided to launch Inventum Search to redress that balance in the best way we knew how.

Inventum Search is part of the Wells Tobias Recruitment Group that we founded in 2005. Whilst we have always provided search and executive-level recruitment at Wells Tobias, we felt we needed a different brand to help tell and shape our own evolving story around diversity and inclusion, and hence Inventum Search (meaning discovery) was born in early 2018.

Our motivations for Inventum Search are straight-forward...

Ethics - Diversity and inclusion in business has a lot to do with fairness and equality. It's about creating workplaces that are inclusive for all members of society. There remains considerable under-representation of women, ethnic and racial minorities, members of the LGBT+ community, older workers and the disabled (including those with neuro-diverse conditions) at the upper echelons of the corporate world.

Commerciality - diversity is great for business. McKinsey & Co’s report ‘Why Diversity Matters’ and its follow up ‘Delivering Through Diversity’ clearly demonstrate the linear relationship between diversity at the executive level and organisational performance. Diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their non-diverse competitors.

The great news is that the message is starting to get through; our clients, ranging from tech start-ups through to multinational organisations, are embracing the significant innovation and new ways of business-thinking that a diverse and inclusive workplace brings.

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Adam Tobias (Partner)


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