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Wells Tobias Recruitment Solutions is a full-service recruitment consultancy with seven specialist divisions across four offices. We also provide a wide range of additional recruitment-related services.


  • "Sheer persistence is the difference between success and failure." ? Donald Trump
  • Preparation is everything: The countdown to your interview.... #failtopreparepreparetofail
  • Do you know what to ask in an #interview? Take a look at the insightful questions you need to ask:
  • Do you understand the power of personal branding?
  • Do you know what Generation Y candidates really want in their next job?
  • Social CVs aren't everything. It's the interview that really matters... #jobs
  • Why you need to be careful what you wear for an interview: #lookinggood
  • Do you know what the future of SEO is? If you're in PR, it's you! #seo

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